Welcome. We are Heading Out Investment PLC, HOI, a private, British-Spanish, direct investment enterprise, constituted on April 10, 2008. Our mission defines our long-term goal as a company that works to reformulate the principles of investment.
We are dedicated to investing, transforming and creating business for both small and medium scale enterprises to create value for our investors and for society.
We reformulate to produce direct investment in goods and services in real economy, without financial intermediaries.
We undertake entrepreneurial investments through transformation by creating companies that develop specific markets with differential factors and growth potential, using the flexibility of an SME, providing capital and management.
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HOI invests in comprehensible businesses in emerging markets in process of development. From mature economies we can transform economic and social realities providing the added value of knowledge and technology.

HOI's entrepreneurial investment is Good Investment. We aim to optimize our investments in order to achieve economic benefits coupled with a positive social impact based on training and learning.
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We are a committed investment community with the To Advance spirit, which means having a positive attitude and being aware of the importance of our work and our savings to contribute to sustainable development together, day by day, step by step.
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We like to work.
We like to work as a team and in something we understand.
To achieve results, both economic and social, that we can share.
We like to feel we can positively impact on the lives of people around us.
HOI is a direct investment enterprise and the biggest risk of investing in us is that one day, we wouldn't want to work.
How do we control that risk?
By enhancing the spirit of HOI, To Advance.
Determination to jump over obstacles with agility and to continuously improve processes and human relationships.
The seeds planted by HOI grow well, and have the potential to give good results. This convinces us that many more can be planted.
These seeds are full of the ADVANCE spirit, carrying capacities and resources needed to survive in current circumstances and to grow vigorously.
The invitation to participate in HOI's growth is an opportunity to reformulate the principles of investment, together.

To Advance