Business Opportunities Protocol

- Define the market opportunity.
- Obtain relevant information about it.
Structuring of triangulation
- Appointment of the HOI facilitators.
- Opening potential businesses in the HOI system.
- Information.
- Meetings to receive information and business knowledge.
- Identification of Relationship partners of each business opportunity.
- Presentation of credentials.
- Proposal and signing of Preliminary Pact Relationship based on the strength of the sum of the parts.
HOPER Analysis 
- Legal data.
- Team work and remuneration policies.
- Confirmation of business objectives.
- Confirmation of costs.
- Confirmation of resources.
- Identification of points for cost efficiency present and future.
- Operating and net margins.
- Present and future value (trademark, patent, synergies).
- Differential Factor in business.
- Projection of income statement for five years: economic results.
- Projection of social outcomes (indexes and measurements).
- Detailed plan of administrative, commercial and treasury actions.
- Others.
Business Analysis Board
- Evaluation the Relationship partners.
- Type of business, model, business value in HOI’s portfolio.
- Economic and social results with a projection of five years.
- Decision making (considering alternatives, assessing consequences, taking risks, planning approval).
- Requirement of further details and complementary information.
- Approval and Closing of the triangulation space
- Commitment pact between the parties.
- Work Plan.
- Plan for monitoring budgetary control.
- Allocation and appointment of 1st and 2nd managers for HOI.
HOI Capitalization 
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