Invest in transformation

As investors, we wonder.
- How to invest in real economy and ensure our money?
By participating in businesses whose objectives and plans we understand. Directly. Without financial intermediaries. At the root of business projects and in collaboration with other investors. HOI is an investment alternative in productive economy to diversify our savings.
- Why invest in SMEs?
Because they are the base of business, key to sustainable development. They raise market opportunities in emerging countries and sectors through their diversification, flexibility and commitment, obtaining differential profitability (economic and social) compared to that offered in financial markets.
- What is the identity of HOI investment?
It is the commitment to a job well done, the comprehensive analysis of each investment, direct management training and the implementation of an investment model to grow with our own resources.
By investing in HOI we can see how our money helps to transform reality.

Investors Partners (IPs)

Be honest with yourselves and with other people.
Observe what happens around you with a global view.
Always manifest your initiatives.
Work with energy and determination on the projected roadmap.
Receive our commitment and support in the HOI investor project.

To Advance