Synergies to transform

We, as investors in companies, ask ourselves:
Why do we believe that small and medium-sized enterprises are the key to sustainable development?
In OECD economies, 85% of businesses are micro, with up to 10 employees, generating over 60% of employment and 50% of GDP. In emerging economies, most businesses are microenterprises. Well-managed SMEs are creators of jobs and continued wealth.
- How can European SMEs participate in markets with growth potential?
In collaboration with companies and professionals with human and financial means.
- What type of business model does HOI invest in? 
A model based on creating a triangular space of business collaboration between entrepreneurs who are in the emerging markets (with local knowledge, patterns of supply), Europeans (with knowledge, technology) and non-financial capitalization by HOI. Business is comprehensible, involving clear implementation plans/clear plans of implementation and human teams. The investment objective is to grow steadily, creating value, without a fixed investment issue date.
By investing at the moment the opportunity exists, we create synergies to transform the SME business Relationship.
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